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About LS

langitselatan is an astronomy communication and educator media in Indonesia. Staff communicate astronomy with the public through online media, star parties, telescope training, and hands-on activities. langitselatan also conducts research in astronomy, etnoastronomy, and archeoastronomy.

langitselatan means southern sky, has been chosen as our name because we based in Bandung about 6 degree under the equator and sharing the southern sky.  The constellations and stars in the southern sky are unique and different from the constellation you see in northern sky

We choose Centaurus as our logo, because this is the southern sky constellation along with southern crux. Centaurus the Centaurs, representing wisdom as we hope that we will share scientific wisdom to the people.

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Our Vision

astronomy is fun & doable!


Astronomy Media

Provide news and information related to astronomy, space science, and space exploration using new technology as the medium.


Astronomy Education

Educating and training people using homegrown resources to build their own astronomy tools


Fun Astronomy

Practical astronomy through fun activities to inspire and enthuse the budding astronomer.


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ls party

star party, astronomy workshop, telescope training, solar observation, night sky observation, storytelling, research


A stargazing adventure to explore the night sky. A unique experience of solar observation, hands-on activities, starlore storytelling, building & launching water rockets.



Astronomy gathering to experience the joy of night sky observation & explore the universe. Participants will also learn more about astronomy and astronomy software



Experiencing sun observation, learn more about how to do safe observation and explore the beauty of the universe via short astro calss



A training for teachers, students and public to introduce astronomy & astrophysics as well as hands-on activities, basic telescope, observation, and astronomy software.

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Avivah Yamani

Project Manager

Avivah is an astronomer, communicator, science writer and newbie podcaster. She received her Master degree in Astronomy from Institut Teknologi Bandung, in 2007 and involved extensively with astronomy communication with the public using new media.

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